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Using InsightCM for Condition Monitoring

The Using InsightCM for Condition Monitoring course delivers hands-on training for setting up and using an online condition monitoring solution that includes NI InsightCM Enterprise and NI Condition Monitoring System (CMS) devices, which acquire data from sensors attached to the equipment you want to monitor. You will also use NI InsightCM Data Explorer for in-depth visualization and analysis of real-time and historical offline data. At the end of the course, you will be able to configure NI CMS devices, manage alarms, and visualize and analyze data.

In this course, you will follow a typical workflow to develop test programs for a new semiconductor device using the NI Semiconductor Test System (STS). Upon completion of the course, you will be able to use STS tester resources interactively to create, modify, execute, and debug test programs with pre-existing code modules to collect test data and generate test time reports.

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Course Objectives:

  • Set up and configure NI CMS devices to acquire data from your equipment to implement a reliable condition monitoring solution
  • Configure and manage alarms
  • Visualize and analyze periodic, alarm, runup, and coastdown data to help determine the health of your equipment

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Who Should Attend

Category II or higher vibration analysts or new users using or evaluating InsightCM and NI CMS devices to implement predictive maintenance and condition monitoring on equipment


Category II or higher vibration analyst knowledge is recommended

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