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Managers - Reasons to Certify Your Employees

Managers invest in certification to ensure their employees have the skills needed to deliver maximum productivity, reduce the risk of project failure or delay, develop robust applications that minimize long-term maintenance costs, and increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, certification shows employees that a manager, or company, is willing to invest in their success. A recent survey of more than 400 National Instruments’ Certified LabVIEW Developers revealed direct, measurable, and positive benefits for employee and manager alike.

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Reasons to Certify Your Employees

Greater Competitive Advantage

Studies have shown that organizations with certified developers have improved efficiency and productivity, enjoy a lower risk of project failure, and increase customer satisfaction. Over 54% of active Certified LabVIEW Developers surveyed indicated that the quality of their work improved. The results are reduced development and maintenance costs over the life of your team’s projects.

Adoption of Uniform Practices

Certification provides a standard, industry-accepted way of gauging an individual’s skills. These standards address user interface design, design for code reuse, documentation, and so on. NI Certification ensures developers understand the need for high-quality development practices - from creating a part of a program to the complete application architecture.

Lower Support Costs

Internal expertise reduces the time needed to resolve issues and communicate with external support organizations. When it is necessary to communicate with technical support organizations, the increased skills possessed by certified employees enable them to clearly communicate problems and solve problems more quickly.

Improved Staff Retention

You can use NI Certification to clearly define career and skill development goals, resulting in greater recognition and promotion opportunities for individual employees. These structured development programs increase individual job satisfaction and have a positive impact on company retention rates. With increased retention, the cost of recruiting and replacing experienced developers is reduced.

Team and Community Development

Certification helps individuals identify their peers and technical leaders within organizations and develop informal and formal channels of communication. Certified employees can develop communities that promote the use of good development practices and style. Companies benefit through increased communication of good development practices and productivity improvements.

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