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Training Formats

NI offers courses in several different formats including instructor-led classes held at facilities worldwide, courses held on-site at your facility, online courses, and self-paced courses to better serve your individual needs. Whichever course format you choose, NI training courses can help you achieve immediate productivity gain and long-term success.



Instructor Led


Series of  pre-recorded modules on



1-4 day classes held live online



1-3 day classes held at training facilities around the world



1-3 day classes held at your office or location of your choice


Training Format
Learn from a certified instructor who can answer questions  
Access relevant hardware  
Eliminate distractions with a classroom setting
Interact with other students
Content modified to meet your group's specific needs
Avoid travel expenses
Training Material
Printed manual that accompanies the course (manuals differ in format and content detail by course)
Exercises to practice concepts you learn
Multimedia training
Concept review quizzes
Training Length
Full-day class (8 hours per day)
Half-day class (4 hours per day)
Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule (24 hours/7 days)
* Recorded video of the class can be reviewed
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