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NI offers training courses in several formats, including instructor-led and self-paced options. Whether it’s a class held at a local facility, on-site at your office, or in a virtual classroom, you can select a delivery format to accommodate your time constraints, budget, and personal learning preferences. Whichever format you choose, NI training courses can help you achieve immediate productivity gain and long-term success.


Features Online Virtual Classroom Onsite
Purchase Options        
Available for individual purchase
Included with software purchase With Active Software Service With LabVIEW Suites & Membership Not Included
Optional Services        
Live Instructor  
Network with peers    
Access to hardware for exercises   Remote Access Hands-On Access Hands-On Access
Escape office distractions    
Content and timing catered to your needs      
Avoid travel expenses  
Training Material        
Printed participant guide   *
Hands-on exercises
Multimedia modules for reference **
Concept review quizzes
Training Length        
Full-day class (8 hours per day)    
Half-day class (4 hours per day)      
On-demand (24 hours/7 days)      
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*Manuals shipped prior to the course. Some virtual courses only provide a PDF copy of the manual through e-mail.

**Recorded video of the class can be reviewed.

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