Managing Your Data in NI DIAdem

Locate data quickly and intuitively using the My DataFinder. Each version of NI DIAdem software includes a self-configuring data management system that provides advanced search and sophisticated data mining functionality right out of the box -- you do not need any additional IT support to set up or maintain DIAdem.


Mining and Managing Your Data

My DataFinder Technology
My DataFinder technology installs with each version of NI DIAdem software. You configure the My DataFinder to recognize where your data files are located. My DataFinder systematically accesses each file in your defined search areas for which you have a DataPlugin. Each data file's metadata is automatically indexed, making it searchable in My DataFinder. Configured to update periodically so new data files are searchable, My DataFinder immediately recognizes changes to already indexed data.

Searching for Data Using the My DataFinder
The My DataFinder has two search interfaces – simple and advanced. Using the simple search, you enter search strings as you do for Internet search tools such as Google or Yahoo. Using the advanced search, you parameterize searches based on the data files' descriptive attributes. Both searches return a list of files, groups, or channels that match your query. You can refine your searches or load the data and start analyzing and reporting it in DIAdem.


Key Data Mining and Management Features

  • Mine data based on its descriptive attributes using the My DataFinder
  • Use DataPlugins to load data files saved in any format
  • Download common DataPlugins at
  • Import CAN, LIN, and FlexRay data using the Bus Log Converter
  • Use the ASCII import wizard to generate DataPlugins
  • Manage your imported and analyzed data with the DIAdem Data Portal
  • Load and manage more than 100 billion data values in up to 65,535 columns simultaneously
  • Import DAT, TDM, ASCII, binary, Excel, NI LabVIEW, LVM, DIF, EGV, ERG, LAX, GPX, NMEA, MME, TDF, RPC3, TEAC, nCode, ATF, MP3, WAV, and other file formats
  • Navigate and load data directly from ASAM-ODS, NI VI Logger, the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module, and NI Lookout real-time databases
  • Take advantage of standard read/write databases using the SQL, ODBC, ADO, and AOP (ASAM) protocols
  • Export results to binary, ASCII, and Excel files and databases


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