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NI offers training courses in several formats, including instructor-led and self-paced options. Whether it’s a class held at a local facility, on-site at your office, or in a virtual classroom, you can select a delivery format to accommodate your time constraints, budget, and personal learning preferences. Whichever format you choose, NI training courses can help you achieve immediate productivity gain and long-term success.


Features Online Virtual Classroom Onsite
Purchase Options        
Available for individual purchase
Included with software purchase With Active Software Service With NI Software Suites and Membership Not Included
Optional Services        
Live Instructor  
Network with peers    
Access to hardware for exercises   Remote Access Hands-On Access Hands-On Access
Escape office distractions    
Content and timing catered to your needs      
Avoid travel expenses  
Training Material        
Printed participant guide   *
Hands-on exercises
Multimedia modules for reference **
Concept review quizzes
Training Length        
Full-day class (8 hours per day)    
Half-day class (4 hours per day)      
On-demand (24 hours/7 days)      
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*Manuals shipped prior to the course. Some virtual courses only provide a PDF copy of the manual through e-mail.

**Recorded video of the class can be reviewed.

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