NI LabVIEW for Higher Education (University/College)


NI LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment used on campuses all over the world to deliver hands-on learning to the classroom, enhance research applications, and foster the next generation of innovators. With the intuitive nature of graphical system design, educators and researchers can design, prototype, and deploy their applications.

Top Reasons to Use LabVIEW for Academic Teaching

Visualize and Interact With Live Data While Your Application Is Running

Quickly create GUIs to interact with your applications and visualize your data using hundreds of included charts, graphs, thermometers, and 2D and 3D visualization tools.

Access Hundreds of Free LabVIEW Courseware Downloads

Gain access to free educational resources, labs, exercises, and tutorials that can help you learn how to use LabVIEW and incorporate it into a multitude of engineering and science disciplines.

Prepare Students With Industry-Standard Tools and Skills

LabVIEW is a development environment that has been built specifically for engineers and scientists and is used by over 90 percent of Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. Give your students the tools they need to be successful after graduation.

Explore How You Can Use LabVIEW in the Classroom

Redefine Final Year Design With NI myRIO

Discover how students can learn core concepts and complete final year projects with real-world relevance on one device using NI myRIO.

NI CompactRIO Bundle for Teaching Controls

See details on the only teaching solution that equips students to go from design to prototype in one semester.

Free Online Training for Students

Direct students to the online LabVIEW learning center created especially for them. This portal includes videos, tutorials, and quizzes.

Build a 2X2 Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) System

Learn how to use LabVIEW software and NI USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) hardware and Alamouti space-time block coding.

Put Relevancy in Students' Hands With NI miniSystems

Learn how NI miniSystems extend portable NI myDAQ hardware devices to add the relevancy of real systems to education.

Find Inspiration on K12Lab

Get lesson plans, videos, and more for secondary school (high school) education.

Measurements and Instrumentation

Courseware and affordable platforms help students acquire and analyze data from the real world and present data to visualize theory.

Controls, Robotics, and Mechatronics

Courseware and tools give students the ability to see real results of working control systems faster.

RF and Communications

Courseware and the accessible, hands-on platform for RF and communications provide educators and researchers with affordable, scalable solutions.

Textbooks Using LabVIEW

Textbooks use LabVIEW examples to illustrate engineering theory and concepts.

Signal and Image Processing

Learn about classroom resources and product solutions for signal and image processing courses involving LabVIEW.

Special Software Pricing for Teaching and Research

Academic Site License provides software to educators and academic researchers in volume at up to a 90 percent discount off industry price.

Browse All NI Products With Academic Pricing

Users who qualify can apply academic discounts to their NI user profiles to view discounted prices every time they visit

Become a LabVIEW Academy

The LabVIEW Academy program equips academic institutions with courseware to prepare students for industry with LabVIEW skills and certification.

Special Academic Pricing for NI Training

Find online and in-person training at a reduced rate for academic customers, ensuring your success in the classroom and lab.

Other Application Areas

Learn about additional ways to rapidly create cost-effective systems for any application. Select from the areas below to see how LabVIEW can work for you.

Acquiring Data and Processing Signals

Instrument Control

Automating Test and Validation Systems

Monitoring and Controlling Embedded Systems