Which LabVIEW Edition is Right for You?

The LabVIEW software portfolio offers a variety of options to ensure you are using the edition most suited for your needs. Explore the three core development systems designed to scale from basic data acquisition to professional software development. Additionally, see NI software suites that combine the right tools to build design, test, and control applications.

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LabVIEW Portfolio Comparison

Click to expand the graphic on the left to compare the options within the LabVIEW software portfolio and find the details you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

LabVIEW Purchasing Options


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Basic I/O

Intuitive graphical programming, extensive hardware integration, and drag-and-drop user interface development

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Analysis and Signal Processing

Complete data exploration and analysis with more than 950 mathematics and signal processing algorithms

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Deployment and Code Validation

Professional development with application distribution, code validation, and source code control

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NI Software Suites

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Premier Option

Recommended software for specific application areas

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Detailed Comparison of LabVIEW Editions

Feature LabVIEW Base LabVIEW Full LabVIEW Professional NI Software Suites
OS Support Windows Windows, Mac, Linux Windows
Languages English, French, German, Simplified Chinese Japanese, Korean
Standard Service Program
Technical support One year included
24/7 online training LabVIEW Core 1, 2 LabVIEW Core 1, 2, 3* All NI training
Software upgrades One year included
Professional Training
1-year training and certification membership Sold separately Included1
Hardware Integration
Acquiring data from NI hardware Included
Acquiring data from third-party hardware Included
Deploying to real-time hardware None Add-on2 Included3
Deploying to FPGA-based hardware None Add-on2 Included4
Programming Environment
Intuitive graphical programming Included
Multithreaded code execution Included
Code debugging Included
Event-driven programming Included
Source code control None Included Included
Code quality review Add-on2 Included Included
Unit test code Add-on2 Included Included
Basic math Included
Probability and statistics Included
Linear algebra None Included
Curve fitting None Included
Differential equations None Included
Interpolation and extrapolation None Included
Calculus None Included
Signal Processing and Control
Signal measurements None Included
Signal generation None Included
PID and fuzzy logic None Included
Signal conditioning/filtering None Included
Windowing None Included
Signal operations None Included
Transforms None Included
Wavelet analysis None Add-on2 Included
Time series analysis None Add-on2 Included
Digital filter design None Add-on2 Included
Read, Write, Share Data
Read and write to file Included
Network communications Included
Web services None Included
Report generation for MS Office Add-on2 Included
Database connectivity Add-on2 Included
Software and Code Integration
Call DLLs Included
ActiveX integration Included
Native execution of your custom .m files None Add-on2
The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB® script node None Included
Executable and Distribution
Create executables Add-on2 Included
Create shared libraries Add-on2 Included
Create installers Add-on2 Included
Control program remotely across Internet None Included
Develop XControls None Included


1 The Training and Certification Membership is included only with a new purchase of a suite, excluding the Software Platform Bundle and the Multi-IDE Bundle. 

2 Add-ons provide all functionality for a feature, but you must purchase them separately.

3 The NI HIL and Real-Time Test Software Suite and the NI Embedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite contain the LabVIEW Real-Time Module.

4 The NI HIL and Real-Time Test Software Suite and the NI Embedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite contain the LabVIEW FPGA Module.

*Additional online training courses included:
 - LabVIEW Full: Object Oriented Design and Programming in LabVIEW
 - LabVIEW Professional: Object Oriented Design and Programming in LabVIEW, Advanced Architectures in LabVIEW

What’s Included

Your investment in LabVIEW includes all of the resources, technical support, getting started content, and product learning you need to successfully solve the problem at hand.

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Add-On Modules and Toolkits

The LabVIEW portfolio includes several add-ons that extend LabVIEW with specialized analysis IP, target-specific deployment options, and additional programming paradigms.

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