NC-10 Channelizer by Novator Solutions RF Channelization Toolkit

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  • Take advantage of up to 1024 individually configurable channels
  • Combine narrow and wide channels at arbitrary center frequencies
  • Integrate industry-leading channelization techniques in your own application
  • Leverage the easy-to-use LabVIEW API for both FlexRIO and USRP 2955
  • Use NC-10 Server for USRP-2955 together with any programming language
  • NC-10 Server for USRP ships with examples in LabVIEW, C, Python and MATLAB
  • Download
A wideband signal source can contain many different signals of interest that must be processed further. Processing the entire wideband for every interesting signal is too CPU intensive. Instead, the signals of interest should be extracted from the received wideband source, so that they can be processed individually.

NC-10 Channelizer is a toolkit that helps LabVIEW users take advantage of powerful industry-leading channelization techniques. It has two parts: a host API and an FPGA bitfile configured by the API. You can extract up to 512 channels simultaneously on NI USRP-2955 and NI PXIe-7976 and up to 1024 channels on NI PXIe-7975. All channels are individually configurable in runtime in terms of center frequency, bandwidth, gain and filtering.

The FlexRIO versions of NC-10 receive RF data through peer-to-peer stream and send out channel data to host or other peer-to-peer capable devices. The USRP version has a built in RF Front end and sends channelized data via Ethernet (VITA49).

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