Scout TDMS Editor - Signal.X Technologies LLC Free TDMS File Viewer and Property Editor

  • Use Scout Lite to view single files for FREE
  • Graph, filter, and export numeric channel data
  • View and modify existing properties at the file, group, and channel levels
  • Open and view any NI standard Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) data file
  • Overlay and compare multiple files using Scout Pro
  • Download
The Signal.X Technologies Scout TDMS Editor is an easy-to-use tool for viewing Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) data files and editing property values. View channel data in either graphical or tabular form and create and interact with cursors for basic math functions and filtering. Use Scout to open compressed files to view data or easily navigate in a large folder of data files. Quickly export data to NI DIAdem, Microsoft Excel or text format. Use Scout in the lab or field to enable collaboration among coworkers, customers and managers.

Scout Lite is FREE, requiring only a simple email activation after 30 days to continue use at no cost. Lite retains all features of the Pro version for a single file at a time, and will allow users to edit property values at the file, group and channel level.

Scout Pro helps users to quickly visualize larger data sets by selecting multiple files within a folder to view in graphical or tabular form. It enables data viewing and exporting for quicker viewing and visualization than Microsoft Excel or DIAdem. Scout Pro also allows users to add and delete TDMS properties at the file, group and channel level.

Support Information
This product is provided by a third party and is not supported by National Instruments. For technical support, contact Signal.X Technologies at:

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