SISU-1004 4-Axis Stepper Motor Interface Module for NI CompactRIO

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  • 4 axes per module
  • Fully integrated with NI SoftMotion
  • RJ45 connectivity and breakout
  • Outputs per axis: step, direction, enable
  • Inputs per axis: forward limit, reverse limit, drive fault
  • Configure Complete CompactRIO System
The SISU-1004 is a drive interface module for NI CompactRIO hardware that provides stepper drive interface signals for four axes of motion. The I/O for each axis, which is exposed through a RJ45 receptacle, consists of step, direction, and enable outputs as well as three inputs used for forward limit, reverse limit, and drive fault signals.

With the SISU-1004, you can create high-axis-count stepper systems synchronized to other I/O in CompactRIO systems. You can add encoder feedback with additional C Series modules.

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NI SISU-1004
783099-01SISU 1004 4-Axis Stepper Motor Interface Module for cRIO5 - 10$ 1,075.00
783166-01SISU RJ45 to Terminals for the SISU-1004, single motor per kit5 - 10$ 64.00
151733-02Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 2M5 - 10$ 10.00
151733-05Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 5M5 - 10$ 17.00
151733-10Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 10M5 - 10$ 24.00

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