Stepper and Servo Power Drives

  • 1, 2 or 4-axis stepper and 2 or 4-axis servo drives
  • Compact enclosure size, panel or rack mountable
  • Host PC bus power monitoring/shutdown
  • Built-in power supply or DC power options
  • Match with NI stepper motors and motion controllers for best performance

National Instruments stepper and servo motor power drives provide reliable, easy-to-connect drive solutions for all NI motion controllers. For stepper motor control NI offers 1, 2 or 4-axis power drives with high torque output, Microstepping, Dynamic Smoothing and Anti-Resonance Filters for smooth motion and Encoderless Stall Detection for reliable control. The P70360 1-axis AC input power drive offers 320 V bus and 3.5 A peak current output, P70530 1-axis DC input power drive offers 20 - 75 V bus and 7.1 A peak current output and NI MID-7602/4 2 or 4-axis AC powered drives offer 1.4 A peak current output. For servo motor control NI offers MID-7654/2 drives with up to 5 A continuous current for four or two axis of DC brushed servo motors.