Communications Toolbox for MATLAB and Simulink by MathWorks Design and simulate physical layer of communications systems

  • Modulation and coding (including OFDM, QAM, LDPC, Turbo)
  • Measurements such as bit-error-rate and error vector magnitude (EVM)
  • Generate and analyze signals with constellation and eye diagrams
  • SISO and MIMO channel models (Rayleigh, Rician, Fading and Winner II)
  • Model link-level specifications and compensate for channel degradations
  • Generate communication signals without writing code with built-in app
  • Download
Communications Toolbox™ provides algorithms and apps for the analysis, design, end-to-end simulation, and verification of communications systems. Toolbox algorithms including channel coding, modulation, MIMO, and OFDM enable you to compose and simulate a physical layer model of your standard-based or custom-designed wireless communications system. The toolbox provides a waveform generator app, constellation and eye diagrams, bit-error-rate, and other analysis tools and scopes for validating your designs. Using Communications Toolbox with RF instruments or hardware support packages, you can connect your transmitter and receiver models to radio devices and verify your designs with over-the-air testing.

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