SEA V2X C-V2X Open Loop Test Software by S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH Functional V2X Test for Global Applications

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  • Test V2X devices and systems in all use cases in a simple workflow for global standards
  • Simulate and analyze V2X congestion situations and invalid communication
  • Monitor and analyze messages in detail down to the PHY layer of C-V2X communication
  • Startup immediately with implemented V2X Day 1 test case catalog
  • Modify test cases with IPG-CarMaker based on the test catalog or define your own
  • Get support for the adoption/extension of the modular test system for your specific needs
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The SEA V2X C-V2X Open Loop (SEA C-V2X OL) test software is a unique standalone solution for the automated and interactive functional test of V2X communication and V2X applications. Its comprehensive features support testing of V2X-OBUs,-RSUs, and complete systems. Regional V2X communication standards are implemented (US, EU, and CN).

• The simple SEA C-V2X OL workflow helps you execute pre-defined SEA V2X Day1 test cases for US, EU, and CN or define user-specific traffic scenarios (by IPG CarMaker, for example).
• Unique features like multi-vehicle simulation, congestion simulation, deep message manipulation, and diagnosis are implemented by NI Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.
• Communication based on DSRC/802.11p is optionally supported.
• Based on scenarios, all signals C-V2X/LTE-V, CAN, and GNSS are precisely synchronized for simulation, acquisition, and evaluation.
• SEA TestMaster V2X software provides flexibility and comfort.
• The system hardware is based on the NI platform.
• The integrated M3S-GNSS simulation is optionally available for global technologies (GPS, Beidou, Gallileo, Glonass).

The modular approach provides flexibility and migration to V2X-HIL or combined ADAS test systems.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH at:

Phone: +49 2241 127370

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