RFIC Test Software Soft Front Panel and Examples for RFIC Device Test

  • ET and FPGA Power Servo APIs in LabVIEW, C, and C# .NET
  • Measurement examples with DPD, ET, and FPGA Power Servo in LabVIEW and C# .NET
  • RFIC Test Soft Front Panel (SFP) for performing interactive RFIC characterization workflows
  • Download RFIC Test Software from the Resources tab
RFIC Test Software provides a high-level getting-started experience for RFIC characterization/validation. Out of the box, it enables automated validation of power amplifiers (PAs) and front-end modules (FEMs) using application-specific techniques such as digital predistortion (DPD) and envelope tracking (ET). RFIC Test Software is built on NI standard software such as NI-RFmx, works with NI instruments like the PXI Vector Signal Transceiver, and has no additional cost for core measurement functionality. A license is required for the corresponding NI-RFmx personalities for compliant, standard-specific measurements.

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