GTS (Graphics Test System) by RBEI HMI Graphics Validation Software Tool

  • State-of-the-art patented 3EYE technology for multilingual testing
  • Ability to interface with five display sources at the same time
  • Real-time accuracy achieved by grabbing frames up to 60 fps
  • Easy integration into any test-environment based on Windows
  • Customized add-on to increase productivity
  • Dedicated team of experts to support development of custom ATE
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GTS (Graphics Test System) is a highly innovative and interactive HMI graphics validation software tool from Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, India (RBEI) designed to eliminate complex challenges that come up during the manual testing phase of graphics on display systems.

After analyzing the functioning of existing manual HMI test systems, we discovered many challenges in detecting inconsistencies such as the erroneous behavior of graphics based on system load; inability to validate timing in milliseconds; and high subjectivity, fatigue, and reduced effectiveness causing time and effort loss during testing. GTS eliminates these challenges, and, as a generic HMI test system, the tool can also be used across product lines and multiple display devices.

Bosch GTS achieves superior real-time accuracy by grabbing frames up to 60 fps. As the HMI is captured via video interface (HDMI/LVDS/VGA), the effects of ambient disturbances are reduced to a minimum. GTS also supports file handshaking and can be integrated into any existing Microsoft Windows-based test environment.

Tool qualification packages can be provided for aerospace customers.

Support Information
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