NB-IoT Non-signaling Test & Measurement Toolkit by ZoX Technologies Co. NB-IoT Modulation/Demodulation to Performance Measurement

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  • The NB-IoT toolkit for NI Vector Signal Transceiver (PXIe-5644/5646/5840)
  • Supports 3GPP R13 NB-IoT protocol
  • Supports the uplink physical channel signal generation
  • Supports the uplink physical channel signal analysis
  • Flexible and complete APIs
  • Supports the key RF characters measurement in 3GPPP R13 (3GPP 36.211, 36.212, 36.213 release)
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NB-IoT Non-signaling Test & Measurement Toolkit by ZoX Technologies Co. is a PHY solution based on NI’s hardware and software.

Its framework includes RF unit, IF signal conditioning, AD/DA, baseband processing unit, and so on. The NB-IoT vector signal generator and analyzer are designed according to the 3GPP protocol.

The toolkit supports uplink channels such as NPRACH, NPUSH, and DMRS. It also enables the verification of PHY layer algorithms of NB-IoT Tx and Rx by the key parameters (for example, BER/BLER/EVM).

The included front panels enable easy lab measurements, and the high-level APIs make custom sequences or fully customized soft front panels easy to create. The toolkit can be widely used in manufacturing, research, and education areas.

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact ZoX Technologies Co. Ltd. at:

Website: www.zoxtech.cn
Email: support@zoxtech.cn

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