InstaCoverage by IncQuery Labs A Fast Unit Testing and Code Coverage Tool for LabVIEW

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  • Time-efficient unit testing and code coverage measurement
  • RT target support: unit tests can be executed on real-time targets
  • Flexible test infrastructure based on setup, teardown, and harness VIs; works with LabVIEW OOP, too
  • HTML and JUnit-style XML reporting of test results; works with Jenkins, too
  • API to run the tests from LabVIEW code
  • LabVIEW IDE support: testing functionalities integrated into the LabVIEW development environment
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InstaCoverage is a unit testing tool for LabVIEW. It aims to reduce the time overhead of executing unit tests.

InstaCoverage offers diagram coverage, which some LabVIEW unit testing tools do not provide. InstaCoverage supports the execution of unit tests on real-time targets as well (tested on cRIO).

InstaCoverage is, to the best of our knowledge, the only tool that enables time-efficient unit test and it supports coverage at the same time. Our experiments using real-life industry examples show that InstaCoverage outperforms UTF by up to two orders of magnitude in terms of run time. For example, the run time of 147 unit tests in a LabVIEW project containing several thousands of VIs takes under a minute with InstaCoverage, but UTF needs over an hour to execute the same unit tests, which amounts to around 100X faster testing time.

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