Industrial IoT Lab - Basic by RAFA Solutions IIoT Educational Software Based on myRIO

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  • IIoT trainer kit is based on NI myRIO
  • 5 diverse labs covering Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications
  • Connectivity to the cloud with the support of IBM Watson and PTC ThingWorx
  • Detailed courseware with exercise instructions makes the IIoT lab powerful yet easy to use
  • User-friendly interface allows easy studying and understanding of IIoT concepts
  • Does not require programming environment or knowledge to use the software and complete the lab
  • Download
The Industrial IoT Lab - Basic by RAFA Solutions is an educational kit based on myRIO that enables the easy studying of IIoT hardware and software concepts.

The IoT links smart objects to the Internet. It enables an exchange of data never available before and delivers information to users in a more secure way.

The IIoT expands the Internet and networks to places and applications such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation. Industrial devices, such as sensors, actuators, and embedded controllers, are being connected to the Internet to allow online and remote control and monitoring.

The trainer kit provides you with the opportunity to create different things, incorporate sensors and actuators in them, and connect them to the cloud. As a cloud technology, the IIoT lab uses the PTC ThingWorx and IBM Watson platforms.

One of the main advantages of the kit is its comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of the Internet of Things. It includes topics such as sensors and actuators, data acquisition systems, and statistical analysis.

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Industrial IoT Lab - Basic by RAFA Solutions
785967-35RAFA Solutions Industrial IOT Lab - Basic 3 Seat License5 - 10$ 1,260.00
785968-35RAFA Solutions Industrial IOT Lab - Basic 10 Seat License5 - 10$ 3,600.00
785969-35RAFA Solutions Industrial IOT Lab - Basic 20 Seat License5 - 10$ 6,000.00
Required NI Hardware
782692-01NI myRIO-1900 University Purchase. Incl WIFI and MSP Connector.5 - 10$ 548.00
782690-01NI myRIO-1950 University Purchase Only. No WIFI or MSP Connector.12 - 20$ 439.00
783069-01NI myRIO Kits: Mechatronics Kit10 - 15$ 247.00
783068-01NI Starter Accessory Kit10 - 15$ 114.00
784301-01Desktop Power Supply (12 VDC, 3.33 A, 90-240 VAC)5 - 10$ 37.00

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