Z-Wave Measurement Suite by MaxEye Technologies Z-Wave Signal Generation and Analysis

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  • Supports both MAC and PHY layer signal configuration
  • Generation of various frame formats including singlecast, multicast, and ack frames
  • Mean FSK deviation (Hz), mean RMS FSK deviation, frequency offset and drift
  • Transmit power, spectral emission mask, and offset channel power measurements
  • Multiple frame decoding, demodulated bits, PHY and MAC payload bits (PPDU and MPDU), PER
  • Traces: constellation, FSK deviation error, power vs time, spectral emission mask
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Z-Wave is a low-power, low-cost wireless technology that enables consumer-grade products with networked features. Examples include remote controlled light dimmers, networked temperature sensors, electronic door locks, and AV systems. MaxEye Technologies provides the signal generation and analysis tools using NI Vector Signal Generators/Analyzers or Vector Signal Transceivers to test the physical layer and RF front end of the Z-Wave devices.

The Z-Wave Measurement Suite supports generating and analyzing the signal as per the ITU-T G.9959 standard MAC and PHY protocol.

i. 9.6 kbps
ii. 40 kbps
iii. 100 kbps

This suite supports the generation of multiple frames with user-configurable interframe spacing. The payload is continuous across frames. This enables receiver sensitivity tests with longer payload sequences.

Supported impairments: AWGN, IQ impairments (gain imbalance, quadrature skew, and IQ offset), frequency offset, and clock offset

Support Information
This product is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For more information, contact MaxEye Technologies at:

Phone: +91 80 25270024
Website: http://maxeyetech.com/
Email: nirmal.ninan@maxeyetech.com

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