NI Monitoring Devices for NI InsightCM™

  • Intended for monitoring applications for use with NI InsightCM
  • Supports a wide range of sensors and measurement types
  • For both critical and balance-of-plant assets
  • Logging based on configurable time intervals, measurements, and user triggers
  • Automatically modifies data collection behavior based on asset operating state
NI Monitoring Devices are designed specifically for NI InsightCM. They provide a flexible range of analog and digital sensor input options such as accelerometers, velometers, proximity probes, tachometers, voltage and current sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, and digital inputs. The devices run application software that acquires, buffers, and forwards data to NI InsightCM, and they are capable of onboard analysis to detect alarm conditions in real time. You can remotely monitor and configure channels, feature calculations, and device settings using a web browser. The monitoring systems are delivered with all your chosen measurement modules and application software installed.

For pricing information, request a follow-up with a local sales engineer.