LabVIEW State Diagram Toolkit by NI Diagram Editor and Code Generator for State Machine VIs

  • Speed up system development by creating state machine VIs from your state diagrams
  • Design state machines using a graphical state diagram editor
  • Convert state diagrams into functional LabVIEW diagrams with the built-in code generator
  • Communicate system design and machine operation concepts with clients and customers
  • Streamline your software design phase and reduce overall programming time
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The LabVIEW State Diagram Toolkit assists in large-scale application development by providing a framework in which you can build state machines in LabVIEW. Using the State Diagram Editor, you can create a state diagram that reflects a complex decision-making algorithm, while LabVIEW simultaneously generates the block diagram code necessary to implement the state machine.

In addition to visualizing the flow of a complex decision-making algorithm, the state diagram is a functional form of application planning. To create an effective state diagram, you must know the various states of the application and how the states relate to one another. By visualizing the various execution states of an application, you improve the overall design of the application. The State Diagram Editor provides a user interface that you can use to design state diagrams.

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