NI TestStand Semiconductor Module

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  • Develop and debug complex DUT test sequences using the standard TestStand Sequence Editor
  • Develop and debug parallel test code with the DUT-centric, dynamic multisite programming paradigm
  • Deploy to production with built-in handler/prober drivers and STDF data reporting
  • Deploy or customize the ready-to-run multisite semiconductor operator interface
The NI TestStand Semiconductor Module is a TestStand add-on that you can use to quickly develop, debug, and deploy characterization and production test programs for PXI- and TestStand-based semiconductor test systems. The TestStand Semiconductor Module offers features for both wafer-level and final package test applications, including pin/channel mapping, binning, handler/prober drivers, limit importing/exporting, and multisite programming.

TestStand inherently has many features to increase productivity and decrease cost of test. Features for debugging include setting breakpoints and stepping into and out of custom code modules (written in LabVIEW and/or C#). With multisite profilers, you can understand bottlenecks and optimize test time. TestStand’s sophisticated parallel processing engine unlocks the potential of the latest multicore processor technologies so that multisite test programs execute with an unprecedented level of performance. With a simple yet powerful sequence editor, you can develop linear or complex test flows.

Using TestStand and the TestStand Semiconductor Module together, you can:
-Write code modules using a DUT-centric programming paradigm, which allows multisite test programs to seamlessly execute with a variable number of sites
-Develop channel maps that include NI PXI instrumentation or third-party instruments
-Interface with handlers or probers using communication interfaces such as GPIB, RS232, Ethernet, or TTL
-Log test data to Standard Test Data Format (STDF) files
-Qualify and debug test programs using built-in reporting features including lot summaries and test data logs

Factories can quickly deploy the standard operator interface (OI) or create their own by customizing the LabVIEW or C# OI source code. If required, high-level APIs are available to enable integration with third-party test management software.

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