NI InsightCM™ Software Development Kit Extend the NI InsightCM Solution

  • Take advantage of NI InsightCM's open and flexible architecture
  • Use NI InsightCM LabVIEW APIs, example code to extend NI monitoring devices or build custom devices
  • Create device management and configuration tools for NI InsightCM
  • Develop in-motion analytics and custom services for NI InsightCM
  • Create custom visualization tools with a fully documented TDMS schema
Build your intellectual property or incorporate new sensing technology into a platform that was designed for scalability and flexibility in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost without needing to architect and maintain an entire condition monitoring solution. Use the NI InsightCM Software Development Kit (SDK) as a starting point for the following:

-Extending the functionality of NI monitoring systems by implementing new processes or hardware support
-Creating new devices that can be managed and configured through NI InsightCM
-Developing in-motion analytics using LabVIEW VIs
-Creating custom LabVIEW or C# services on the server with access to the internal NI InsightCM message bus
-Creating custom visualization tools using a documented TDMS schema

For pricing information, request a follow-up from a local sales engineer.

The NI InsightCM SDK provides the fully functional device code for NI Condition Monitoring Nodes along with the required APIs for communication with the NI InsightCM Server. To use the LabVIEW-based features of the NI InsightCM SDK, the following software is required:

-LabVIEW 2016 or later
-LabVIEW Real-Time Module
-LabVIEW FPGA Module
-NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite (required for use with the NI Condition Monitoring Systems device code)
-LabVIEW Electrical Power Suite (minimum of Full version required for use with the NI Motor Monitoring Systems device code)
-CompactRIO drivers

The purchase of the NI InsightCM SDK includes evaluation versions of the above software and a development version of NI InsightCM.

Each device created with the NI InsightCM SDK requires the purchase of a hardware access license to connect the device to the server. NI hardware requires part number 783551-35 and third-party hardware requires part number 783553-35.