NI InsightCM™ Enterprise Gateway Toolkit Export Data to Third-Party Enterprise Software

  • Exports tag data from NI InsightCM
  • Allows third-party clients to subscribe to features via OPC UA
  • Writes calculated results directly to the OSIsoft PI System server
The NI InsightCM Enterprise Gateway Toolkit offers integration with third-party data historian, SCADA, CMMS, and other enterprise software packages. With this add-on option, you can communicate calculated results via tags using the OPC UA protocol to a large number of software packages or directly to the OSIsoft PI System. Aggregation of key calculated features from the NI InsightCM Enterprise software suite with other measurements and business data allows for additional trending and alarming possibilities as well as consolidation with decisions on budgeting, downtime scheduling, spare parts, and maintenance personnel.

For pricing information, request a follow-up with a local sales engineer.

Use of the NI InsightCM Enterprise Gateway Toolkit with OSIsoft PI System software requires the purchase of OSIsoft PI Data Access software from OSIsoft and run-time license activation on the server.