Data Management Software Suite

  • Contains core software from NI's Technical Data Management solution
  • Includes DIAdem, DataFinder Server Edition, and Analysis Server
  • Software is shipped on USB 3.0 media to speed up your installation
  • Create applications to go from sensor to documented decisions
  • Customize the functionality based on your specific analysis needs
The Data Management Software Suite combines the core components of NI's Big Analog Data™ software tools to help you make data-driven decisions from sensor data. The Data Management Software Suite includes:

-DIAdem Professional
-DataFinder Server Edition Advanced
-Analysis Server

The Data Management Software Suite gives you access to all the tools you need to import data from any file format regardless of source, create custom analysis algorithms, ensure consistent metadata, perform unit checks and conversions, and run automated analysis based on the contents of the files.

The Data Management Software Suite is shipped on USB 3.0 media. A DVD option is available.

For pricing information, please discuss your needs with a local sales engineer to obtain a quote.

This suite includes one year of membership in the Standard Service Program (SSP) to help you make the most of your software investment. With an SSP membership, you can capitalize on the latest technology improvements through automatic software updates and maintenance releases and reduce your application development time with direct access to technical support from NI applications engineers via phone and email.

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