Server Software

  • Standardize metadata from any input source without modifying the original file
  • Import user permissions from Windows Active Directory
  • Perform unit checks and conversions on all incoming data
  • Verify and validate your data sources with algorithms you specify
  • Standardize report templates to make consistent decisions
  • Add metadata to reports for traceability

Server software optimizes the performance of DataFinder Server Edition and the Analysis Server to scale to your data management and analysis needs.

DataFinder Server Edition -- Use this software to define where your data is stored, index the metadata, and perform queries to find the data you need to analyze.

Analysis Server -- Use this software to automate analysis on large amounts of data. Host an unlimited number of analysis routines and selectively choose which analysis is applied to your data based on the content of the data.

Data Management Software Suite -- This suite of software features all the core components of NI's Technical Data Management portfolio. It includes DataFinder Server Edition, the Analysis Server, and DIAdem Professional to help you develop your custom data management and analysis workflow.