Motors and Drives

  • Kollmorgen AKD EtherCAT brushless servo motor drives
  • Kollmorgen AKM brushless servo motors
  • SoftMotion Drive Interface for third-party EtherCAT drives
  • Ethernet-controlled DC stepper motor drives
  • Integrated stepper motors controlled by Ethernet or NI 9512
  • Stepper motors

NI offers motors and drives that you can use with its motion control products or independently.

One of the easiest ways to integrate motion into your real-time system is by pairing Kollmorgen AKD EtherCAT brushless servo motor drives with Kollmorgen AKM brushless servo motors. All you need is access to the second Ethernet port on your real-time controller and an Ethernet cable to control and coordinate one to many axes over EtherCAT. You also can use Ethernet-controlled stepper drives and integrated stepper motors to meet your motion needs.

If you already have an EtherCAT-enabled drive, then refer to the SoftMotion Drive Interface options for using NI's seamless interfaces between SoftMotion and many popular third-party drives.