SLSC hardware extends NI PXI and C Series measurement hardware with high-power relays for signal switching, power loads, and additional inline signal conditioning capability. It consists of a chassis with built-in active cooling capable of hosting 12 modules that you can use in applications like hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test.

SLSC plug-in modules can operate in the chassis in three different modes: stand alone, pass through, or cascaded. Cascaded mode can be used to implement functionality like signal fault insertion. You can choose from a variety of third-party modules or create your own modules based on a detailed hardware and software development kit from NI.

SLSC hardware is designed to simplify overall system integration by reducing system point-to-point wiring through signal accumulation and standard cable use. Each SLSC chassis consists of an SLSC digital bus, which you can use to discover, configure, and set parameters on the individual modules. Signals pass through SLSC modules either from the front connector or the rear transition interface (RTI) connector. You have the flexibility to design your own secondary backplane RTIs to reduce system wiring.