Virtual Physics by Doug Harper Numerically Integrate Differential Equations of Motion

  • Numerically integrates differential equations of motion for classical mechanics systems
  • Useful when solutions both can and cannot be obtained by standard analytical techniques
  • Systems are described symbolically using user-defined variables and constants
  • Select from Euler, Runge-Kutta, or Cash-Karp integration algorithms
  • Generate reports showing the system definition and the integration results
  • Supports saving results in tab-delimited text and comma-separated-value formats
  • Download
Virtual Physics is a tool for numerically integrating the differential equations of motion for many situations that arise in physics. Introductory students can investigate important problems in physics that they are not mathematically prepared to solve. Advanced students can study problems for which analytical solutions do not exist.

You can symbolically enter the equations of motion for a classical system into Virtual Physics. Specify the values for any constants, and Virtual Physics solves for the unknown coordinates and velocities in the equations of motion using Euler, Runge-Kutta, or Cash-Karp algorithms. From the coordinates, velocities, and constants, you can define additional waveform quantities to be calculated following the integration, such as potential or kinetic energies. You can display all of the integrated and calculated waveforms graphically or in tabular form and export them to tab-delimited or comma-separated-value files.

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