Remote I/O

  • Analog and digital I/O
  • DIN-rail mounted, modular system
  • Communication to higher-level system via EtherCAT
  • -25 °C to 60 °C temperature range

Remote I/O systems are low-cost, modular systems for simple machine control and measurements. A Remote I/O system consists of an EtherCAT bus coupler and individual modules mounted on a DIN rail. It is controlled from a real-time controller such as a CompactRIO Controller or an Industrial Controller. Use Remote I/O hardware to round out your system with low-cost I/O for simple tasks while your controller handles advanced tasks such as image processing, motion control, and high-speed or specialty measurements.

Add only the I/O you need, where you need it, with the modular, distributed system. Connect multiple Remote I/O systems and/or EtherCAT CompactRIO chassis to meet your I/O needs.