Micropross MP500 PT1-NFC Generator/Analyzer for NFC/EMVCo Manufacturing Test

  • Support for ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, MIFARE™, FeliCa™
  • Measurement correlation with NFC Forum and EMVCo certification test bench
  • Automated test executive with ready-to-run test sequences
  • Reader/Writer and Card Emulation modes, resonance frequency measurements supported on same antenna
  • Embedded analog measurements - LMA, field strength, S11, Q factor, waveform characteristics
  • Physical parameter/waveshape characteristic definition
The MP500 PT1-NFC Generator/Analyzer is a single-box solution for performing NFC measurements in a manufacturing test environment. Supported protocols include:

-ISO 14443 A/B
-ISO 15693

With a high-performance analog measurement channel, you can perform qualitative measurements without sacrificing test times. Optimized for functional test, the MP500 PT1-NFC also offers advanced signal generation features for defining waveshape parameters in both Reader/Writer and Card Emulation modes. In addition, an innovative triple antenna reduces the need for operator interaction by combining the functionality of an NFC reference listener (EMVCo PICC), an NFC reference poller (EMVCo PCD), and a resonant frequency antenna.

For programming the MP500 PT1-NFC, Micropross offers an API for customization and integration into your test executive. For a more interactive experience, you can use optional software tools to upgrade and customize each test bench and enable required features. For example, you can use Analog Measurements software to correlate your measurements with NFC Forum and EMVCo characterization test benches. For debugging, you can monitor the frame exchange and take timing measurements with the Protocol Viewer.

For a ready-to-run out-of-the box experience, the NFC Test Executive includes configurable reference test sequences to minimize getting started time.

For more information about this service or to inquire about local availability, please contact your local NI representative.

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