Micropross MP500 TCL3 NFC and EMVCo Conformance and Design Validation Solution

  • Support for both initiator (poller, PCD) and target (listener, PICC) emulation
  • Certified solution for NFC Forum and EMVCo conformance test
  • Interactive software for sequencing, visualization, and in-depth waveform analysis
  • Physical parameter definition (for example, field strength, carrier frequency, rise/fall time)
  • Arbitrary signal generator for defining advanced perturbations
  • Integrated resonance frequency/Q factor measurements
The MP500 TCL3 Generator/Analyzer is a high-performance test solution for designing and characterizing NFC devices. Built specifically for the laboratory environment, the MP500 TCL3 offers advanced signal generation features for unmatched flexibility. It supports the following standards:

-NFC Forum
-ISO 14443 A/B
-ISO 15693

The MP500 TCL3 includes MP Manager software for test sequencing and interactive protocol analysis. With MP Manager, you can create test scripts without programming as well as view and analyze the protocol exchange between an initiator and a target. This provides an intuitive soft front panel experience.

The MP500 TCL3 is designed to test NFC targets by default, but you can configure it to test an initiator with a card emulation license. Additionally, it can act as both an initiator and a target with only one antenna, so you can test your device under test in both modes without changing any connections.

Digital conformance for EMVCo, NFC Forum, and other NFC standards is made possible with individual conformance software add-ons. These conformance solutions are approved by the referenced standards bodies and include up-to-date, ready-to-run test cases according to the latest specifications. Digital conformance software licenses include the following:

-NFC Forum Digital

Please note that for all conformance software (except EMVCo L1 PICC Digital), card emulation is required.

For NFC Forum and EMVCo analog conformance, the Micropross Contactless Test Station offers a full conformance solution that is used in EMVCo and NFC Forum laboratories worldwide.

For more information about this service or to inquire about local availability, please contact your local NI representative.