NI-RFmx EV-DO EV-DO Analysis Using NI PXI RF Test Instruments

  • Highly optimized RF measurement experience
  • Perform physical layer analysis on EV-DO cellular signals including MODACC, ACPR, CHP, OBW, and SEM
  • Simple access to advanced measurement parallelism
  • Download NI-RFmx EV-DO from the Resources tab.
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The NI-RFmx EV-DO personality is a highly optimized API for performing physical layer measurements on EV-DO cellular standard signals.

NI-RFmx EV-DO is completely interoperable with all NI-RFmx APIs. It provides simple access to the most advanced optimization techniques such as multi-measurement parallelism and multi-DUT measurements. The result is extremely fast and high-quality measurements with minimal software development efforts.
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