CDA-2990 8-Channel Clock Distribution Accessory

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  • Synchronize up to 8 USRP devices for phase-coherent operation
  • 8-way distribution of 10 MHz and 1 pulse per second time reference signals
  • Options for external input or internal GPSDO timing sources
  • Source detection with automatic switchover in case of failure or disconnect
  • Rack mountable with a 19 in. 1U form factor
  • Cascade multiple devices for synchronization of larger systems
The CDA-2990 is an 8-channel clock distribution accessory for synchronizing software defined radio systems. It accepts both external 10 MHz and pulse per second (PPS) input signals and then amplifies and distributes each of them to eight output ports. NI offers the CDA-2990 in two configurations: a more affordable option for distributing externally supplied signals and a GPS-disciplined oscillator (GPSDO)-enabled option, which integrates a GPS-disciplined oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) that generates the 10 MHz and PPS signals internally. The GPSDO option provides a reference source using the OCXO when no GPS signal is present. It also further increases frequency accuracy and time-synchronization capability with a GPS lock that is enabled by an external antenna with a line-of-sight view of the sky. You can cascade multiple CDA-2990 accessories to synchronize higher-channel-count systems for applications such as Massive MIMO.

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8-Channel Clock Distribution Accessory
784305-01CDA-2990 8 Channel Clock Distribution Accessory5 - 10$ 1,140.00
784306-01CDA-2990 8 Channel Clock Distribution Accessory with GPSDO2 - 5$ 1,994.00
783469-01SMA Male to SMA Male Cable for USRP, 50 Ohm, 1 m5 - 10$ 43.00
783480-015V GPS Antenna, Magnetic Mount, 5M Cable with SMA5 - 10$ 60.00

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