NI SDR Accessories

  • Optimize your software defined radio system with high-quality accessories
  • Synchronize multiple USRP devices for phase-coherent operation
  • Aggregate eight USRP devices into a single convenient stream

NI provides accessories to synchronize and manage multiple USRP devices. These accessories are particularly useful for large, multichannel software defined radio systems by helping you meet synchronization and cabling challenges. NI offers two accessories: the CDA-2990 and the CPS-8910. The CDA-2990 is a clock distribution accessory that can distribute 10 MHz and PPS signals to up to eight USRP devices, enabling synchronization. Multiple CDA-2990 accessories can also be cascaded to synchronize higher-channel-count systems for applications such as Massive MIMO. The CPS-8910 is a cabled PCI Express switch box that aggregates the PCI Express connection of up to eight USRP RIO devices into a single high-throughput PCI Express stream, which lowers the complexity and expense of a system.