NI InsightCM™ MCSA Toolkit Use Motor Current Signature Analysis for Electric Motors

  • Conduct MCSA for 3-phase AC induction electric motors
  • Identify electrical and mechanical faults with motors
  • Easily monitor inrush current during motor startup and compare to previous startups
Monitor 3-phase AC induction electric motors with the NI InsightCM MCSA Toolkit. You can use this ready-to-run add-on to configure NI Monitoring Devices in NI InsightCM to monitor multiple motors through potential transducers (PTs) and current transducers (CTs) throughout startup and during steady-state operation. With the included motor current signature analysis, you can determine motor health and uncover electrical or mechanical issues such as rotor bar damage, misalignment, eccentricity, mechanical looseness, or bearing problems using analysis in NI InsightCM.

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The NI InsightCM MCSA Toolkit was designed for use with NI Monitoring Devices, which are available separately.