daq.io Toolkit for LabVIEW by daq.io Your Machines and Measurements in the Cloud

  • Store and visualize measurement data online
  • Lower device maintenance cost through real-time online monitoring
  • Better insight to distributed measurement data
  • Create valuable maintenance services for your customers
  • Integrate cloud storage into existing devices and machines
  • No plugins or specialized knowledge required
  • Download
daq.io is a powerful cloud-storage solution to view and analyze your distributed measurement data online. Use daq.io to remotely monitor your devices and centralize your measurement data.

More than just a time-series database, daq.io provides API calls to post live time series data values. Features include easy import of existing files and file storage for PDF reports or image files; add tags and comments to your measurements, devices and user accounts; generate events and alarms to monitor and supervise your devices; and create your own dashboards and view measurement data in real time.

Designed with a strong focus on data integrity, data security and data availability, daq.io can be the platform of choice to monitor five devices or hundreds of distributed test machines. Our services include providing full-service applications, system integration with existing devices, and upgrade existing machines for online monitoring and remote diagnostics. If data security is your most-important concern and you need to host all your data yourself, we can help. daq.io is not only available as a cloud service solution but also as an on-premises server license.

Support Information:
This product is free with additional services sold and supported by the third-party and not by NI. For purchasing or technical support, contact:

Web: http://www.daq.io/contact-us/
Third-Party Product Page: http://www.daq.io/labview/

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