Industrial Accelerometers

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  • Tested and verified for use with PXIe-4464, PXIe-4499, NI 9234, and USB-4431 devices
  • All sensors use IEPE current excitation
  • Ideal for permanent installations or route-based data collection
  • Cables for use with all industrial accelerometers
NI offers three industrial accelerometers to complete your vibration analysis applications. These have been tested and verified for use with PXIe-4464, PXIe-4499, NI 9232, NI 9234, and USB-4431 devices.

Industrial accelerometers 784175-01 and 780985-01 are ideal for permanent installations, and the 784176-01 is ideal for route-based data collection.

You have two different cable options for these sensors. The IMI industrial accelerometer cable (780984-01) is available with BNC termination, which is ideal for the PXIe-4464, PXIe-4499, NI 9234, and USB-4431. The PCB 052 cable with blunt termination works with the NI 9232 dynamic signal acquisition module.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
Industrial Accelerometers
784176-01IMI Industrial,2-Pin Accelerometer, 100mV/g, ICP®(IEPE),15kHz12 - 20$ 348.00
784175-01IMI Industrial,2-Pin Accelerometer w/bolt aide,100mV/g,ICP®(IEPE)12 - 20$ 209.00
780985-01IMI Industrial, 2-Pin Accelerometer, 100mV/g, ICP® (IEPE)10 - 15$ 150.00
Cables for Industrial Accelerometers
780984-01IMI Industrial Accelerometer Cable, 10 ft w/BNC termination10 - 15$ 62.00
784389-01PCB Piezotronics 052 Cable, 10 ft MIL-type connector to Blunt TerCall$ 51.00
784390-01PCB Piezotronics 052 Cable, 30 ft MIL-Type Connector to Blunt TerCall$ 96.00

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