Expandable Direct Injector Driver System Power Electronics Driver for Direct Injectors

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  • Full authority engine controller can run stand alone or receive injector command signals from an ECU
  • Capable of driving solenoid or piezoelectric direct injectors
  • Delivered with preinstalled feature-rich configuration-based application software
  • MXI-Express expansion chassis offers more optional modules to provide more capabilities
  • User interface allows user to calibrate and customize injector current profile
  • Contact your local sales office or Powertrain Controls to order integration in a 7U rack enclosure
The Expandable Direct Injector Driver System provides enhanced capability for driving high-powered direct injectors. It features a high-performance cRIO-9082 controller, NI 9751 direct injector driver modules, and NI 9411 digital input modules. The system can synchronize injector channels with production crank/cam position sensors or optical encoders. It also accepts external digital fuel command signals from a production engine controller. The included direct injector driver modules provide the power electronics to drive high-power solenoid or piezoelectric direct injectors.

The system is available in four different base models that correspond to different direct injector channel configurations: the EDIDS-2403 drives three solenoid injectors (or two piezoelectric injectors), the EDIDS-2406 drives six solenoid injectors (or four piezoelectric injectors), the EDIDS-2409 drives nine solenoid injectors (or six piezoelectric injectors), and the EDIDS-2412 drives 12 solenoid injectors (or eight piezoelectric injectors). The systems provide a digital input per injector channel for directly commanding each injector. The system controller is delivered with a preinstalled, feature-rich application.

The Expandable Direct Injector Driver System works with optional C Series modules in slots 7 and 8 of the cRIO-9082. You can use the optional NI 9220 analog input module (slot 7) for a variety of analog sensors and the optional NI 9862 NI-XNET CAN module (slot 8) to send and receive parameter values within the system to/from other CAN communication devices.

You can expand the system with an NI 9155 MXI-Express expansion chassis and cable for additional optional modules for O2, port injection, throttle driver, and variable-reluctance Hall effect.

Fuel injectors and ECU are not provided.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
Expandable Direct Injector Driver System
862005-01NI EDIDS-2403 3 Channel Expandable Direct Injector Driver SystemCall$ 12,728.00
862006-01NI EDIDS-2406 6 Channel Expandable Direct Injector Driver SystemCall$ 15,082.00
862007-01NI EDIDS-2409 9 Channel Expandable Direct Injector Driver SystemCall$ 17,757.00
862008-01NI EDIDS-2412 12 Channel Expandable Direct Injector Driver SystemCall$ 20,111.00
Expandable Direct Injector Driver System Options and Accessories
782615-01NI 9220 DSUB, +/-10 V, 16-Bit, 100 kS/s, 16-Ch, SSH AI Module1 - 2$ 1,751.00
781639-01NI 9862, C Series, CAN Interface, High-Speed/FD, 1 Port2 - 5$ 798.00
779005-01NI 9411 6-Ch ±5-24 V, 1 MHz, Diff./SE DI Module1 - 2$ 251.00
782077-01NI 9754 Engine-Synchronous TTL Outpout Module5 - 10$ 1,728.00
782080-01NI 9758 Port Fuel Injector Driver Module5 - 10$ 2,301.00
782081-01NI 9759 Electronic Throttle Driver Module5 - 10$ 1,728.00
782132-01NI 9760 VR/HALL Module12 - 20$ 1,728.00
782079-01NI 9757 O2 Sensor Module KitCall$ 1,728.00
781503-01NI 9923 Front-mount terminal block for 37-pin D-Sub Modules1 - 2$ 148.00
782458-01NI 9155 8-Slot MXI-Express RIO Chassis with LX85 FPGA12 - 20$ 3,747.00
779500-01MXI-Express Cable, Gen 1 x1, Copper, 1m10 - 15$ 109.00
782082-01NI Piezo Inductor Pack5 - 10$ 102.00
782784-01NI Reverse Battery Protection Relay 12V 75A12 - 20$ 57.00
783168-01PULS QS10.121 Power Supply 12VDC 15 A 100-240VAC/110-150VDC Input5 - 10$ 559.00
782784-01NI Reverse Battery Protection Relay 12V 75A12 - 20$ 57.00

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