Advanced Calculations on Curves by RAFA Solutions Find Crossings, Levels and Surfaces of any Curves

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  • Provides a set of VIs for advanced calculations on curves
  • Includes useful tools to ease waveform analysis
  • Give the curves as inputs and calculations are done with easy to use panes
  • Calculate crossings, levels, surface, and more
  • Utilizes convenient XY Graph data type for inputs and outputs
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Advanced Calculations on Curves Toolkit by RAFA Solutions is designed to help with measurements and analysis of waveforms, as well as all types of curves. The toolkit includes 4 VIs that are developed to perform advanced calculations on curves (XY graph data), where the X axis data can be non-monotonic (non-functional curves, closed curves).

The VI library includes:

1. Calculate Calculates crossing points of input curves (XY graphs) with the given accuracy and returns these points in terms of XY graph data.

2. Curve to Functional Splits the given curve (in terms of XY graph) into functional sections, i.e. into sections with monotonic X axes, for further analysis.

3. Returns the points of the given curve that correspond to equidistant levels (Y axis), specified by Delta (difference of 2 subsequent levels).

4. Calculates the surface of the given curve, open or closed, with the sign of the surface depending on the direction of the curve (X axis direction).

Support Information
The Advanced Calculations on Curves Toolkit is supported by the third-party provider and not by NI. For technical support with this software, contact RAFA Solutions at:

Phone: (+374) 9479 0951

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