SignalPad by KeyGo Technologies Turnkey Solution for Data Logging, Sound, and Vibration

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  • Configuration-based software for DAQ, storage, playback, and analysis
  • Seamless integration with NI DAQ devices including CompactRIO
  • Ability to play back signal through the PC sound card and easily export, report, and present data
  • Comprehensive analysis functions including FFT, filtering, integration, and math
  • Ideal for data logging, signal processing, NVH, and rub and buzz location identification
  • Works well for noise or vibration signal measurement and analysis
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SignalPad is a data-logging and analysis application developed with LabVIEW. The configuration-based user interface performs signal acquisition, storage, playback, and analysis. You can acquire signals such as voltage, current, sound, vibration, strain, temperature, and CAN through NI DAQ hardware. The analysis functions include FFT, filtering, integration, FRF, math, and octave analysis etc.

Combined with NI DAQ hardware, including PXI, CompactDAQ, and CompactRIO modules, SignalPad offers an efficient tool for performing data-logging and sound, vibration and strain applications. Simple configuration steps enable high channel counts (up to hundreds of channels) and high sample rates (up to 100 MS/s) of DAQ and analysis applications. SignalPad provides turnkey DAQ and sound and vibration solutions for applications such as in-vehicle data logging; wind turbine generator noise measurement; vehicle pass-by noise measurement; and noise source identification.

SignalPad provides four packages to meet the requirements of different applications from basic data logging to advanced processing with domain specific. Refer to the specification document of SignalPad for more information.

Support Information
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SignalPad Software
783878-35SignalPad Basic - KeyGo Technologies5 - 10$ 1,999.00
783879-35SignalPad Full - KeyGo Technologies5 - 10$ 5,999.00
783880-35SignalPad Professional - KeyGo Technologies5 - 10$ 11,999.00
783881-35SignalPad Ultimate - KeyGo Technologies5 - 10$ 29,999.00
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