NI System on Module Development Kit NI sbRIO-9651 System on Module (SOM) Development Kit

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  • Reference carrier board to assist with board development and I/O integration
  • Reference designs available for Gigabit Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, SD, Serial, and CAN
  • PMOD connectors to support various I/O modules for quick integration
  • Digital prototyping area with a selectable voltage level for custom I/O integration
  • Heat sink included for a quick desktop thermal solution
  • Prototype with the CompactRIO platform before development to accelerate the design process
The NI System on Module (SOM) Development Kit includes a fully featured reference carrier board to assist in the development of your embedded application. The reference board saves development effort by offering design files, including schematics and gerbers, for all of the onboard peripherals, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, SD, Serial, and CAN for reuse in a design. The development kit also comes with a heat sink that can be used as an optional desktop thermal design.

There are four PMOD connectors onboard the reference carrier board for quickly integrating I/O. Multiple chip venders offer PMOD modules ranging from simple Analog i/O to stereo power speakers. There is also a digital prototyping area that offers a selectable voltage level for 48 FPGA I/O to allow for connectivity to a wide range of components, such as ADCs or a custom connector.

Before developing with the NI SOM, use the CompactRIO platform to accelerate prototyping. CompactRIO controllers offer the same hardware components along with mechanical packaging and modular I/O, which saves design time by removing the need for custom board design and a mechnical solution, leaving only application development. After prototyping with CompactRIO controllers, the NI SOM will reuse the majority of the code, saving the time of developing custom algorithms or application software again.

Order the development kit online or contact National Instruments to learn more about the NI SOM and order the development kit through a representative.

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783525-01sbRIO-9651 System on Module, Processor, FPGA (Zynq-7020), Dev Kit12 - 20$ 2,999.00

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