Visual Edge Detector for myRIO by NI Use a USB Camera to Grab Raw Images and Detect Edges

  • Instantly transforms myRIO and a USB camera into an edge detector
  • Demonstrates the vision processing capabilities of myRIO
  • Interfaces with any USB camera compatible with myRIO
  • Adapts to a variety of settings using a user-controlled threshold value
  • Displays both original and processed images on desktop for side-by-side comparisons
  • Implements an efficient edge-detection algorithm to detect objects
  • Download
The Visual Edge Detector for myRIO by NI instantly transforms your myRIO device and a USB camera into a high-quality edge detector. If you use the USB port built into myRIO, you don't need additional hardware or wiring. You can customize this application to save or export processed image data for further analysis. You also can use it to locate different objects within an image, which can significantly reduce the amount of data and help filter unnecessary information while maintaining the structural integrity of the image.

The threshold for edge detection is controlled by the user to offer different types of images in a variety of settings to be processed. An efficient edge-detection algorithm transforms the image captured by a USB camera into a simpler, processed image. Use the side-by-side display on the desktop to compare images as you adjust the threshold. You can transfer and process image data quickly through the USB connection for display and analysis.

Support Information
This add-on software requires LabVIEW software installed with myRIO hardware and software.

For additional support options with this add-on software, view “myRIO Software Requirements Documentation” and “myRIO Forum” under the Resources tab.

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