Digilent High-Current I/O Adapter for myRIO Connect High-Current Components to myRIO MXP Connector

  • 34-pin female breakout allowing direct user access to signal pins
  • Supports 6 V to 16 V output voltage (external power supply required over 5 V)
  • 4 open drain outputs
  • 3 PWM capable
  • 4 standard three-terminal relay outputs
  • 4 LEDs to indicate when relay is active/energized
With the Digilent High-Current I/O Adapter, you can use your myRIO to interact with high-current applications such as driving LED strips, relays, and servos.

This adapter can run applications from 6 V to 16 V and deliver current up to 4 A to provide users a way to plug in their applications directly without any additional electronics.

Order through Digilent.