Vernier Sensor Adapter for NI myDAQ

  • Easily connect the myDAQ platform to Vernier specialized sensors with this add-on board
  • Access measurements from over 60 Vernier sensors (sold separately)
  • Take advantage of connectors for two analog sensors and one digital sensor
  • Download predefined software examples developed in LabVIEW
  • Purchase directly from the Vernier website
The Vernier Sensor Adapter for myDAQ includes two connectors for analog sensors and one connector for a digital Vernier sensor.

A screw terminal and header pins provide access to myDAQ I/O lines not used by the connectors. This includes the two analog output lines, three digital lines (including the digital lines with the frequency and PWM outputs), and a +5 V power terminal.

This adapter features an optional external power port designed to be used with the Vernier LabQuest Power Supply. You can use the external power supply to provide more current to the +5 V power terminal for building external circuits or to power a servo motor.

Visit the Vernier website to purchase.

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