NI-XNET CAN/LIN Transceiver Cables Swappable Transceiver Cables With 9-Pin D-SUB Male Connector

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  • TRC-8542: CAN HS/FD interface (up to 8 Mb/s) with onboard TJA1043 transceiver
  • TRC-8543: Software-selectable CAN HS/FD or LS/FT interface
  • TRC-8546: LIN interface (20 kb/s) with onboard NXP TJA1028 transceiver
  • Integrated support for signals from LDF and DBC databases
  • NI-XNET driver for developing frame and signal applications in LabVIEW, LabWindows™/CVI, and C/C++
  • Compatible with NI 9860, PXIe-8510, and NI-XNET port on cDAQ-9134/5 controllers
  • Configure Complete NI CompactDAQ System
NI-XNET CAN and LIN transceiver cables are designed to provide maximum flexibility in connecting either a CAN or LIN bus to the NI 9860, PXIe-8510, and/or the native NI-XNET port on a cDAQ-9134/5 controller. You can connect any of the transceiver cables to the port to support CAN HS/FD, CAN LS/FT, and/or LIN. Each isolated cable includes the necessary transceiver for the bus type along with the CAN HS/FD cable featuring termination resistors that you can enable or disable via software configurations.

Use the NI-XNET driver to program and configure these NI-XNET cables. The built-in capabilities of the CompactDAQ controllers these cables are compatible with help you take advantage of the additional hardware features NI-XNET interfaces offer like onboard processing and device-driven DMA.

With the ability to meet evolving standards for higher data rates, CAN FD is the next generation of high-speed CAN communication. NI has enabled speeds up to 8 Mb/s using the TJA1043 transceiver through the NI-XNET driver. As transceiver vendors complete qualifications for CAN FD speeds, NI will update its documentation as necessary.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI-XNET CAN and/or LIN Transceiver Cables
783699-02TRC-8542, NI-XNET CAN HS/FD Transceiver Cable, 18 in.5 - 10$ 401.00
783701-02TRC-8543, NI-XNET CAN XS (LS/FT, HS/FD) Transceiver Cable, 18 in.10 - 15$ 535.00
783702-02TRC-8546, NI-XNET LIN Transceiver Cable, 18 in.2 - 5$ 401.00
Legacy CAN and/or LIN Transceiver Cables. Not recommended for new designs.
783699-01NI-XNET CAN HS/FD Transceiver Cable, 18 in.Call$ 414.00
783702-01NI-XNET LIN Transceiver Cable, 18 in.Call$ 414.00
784501-01NI-XNET Transceiver Cable Mounting KitCall$ 13.00

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