GTT LTE RBS Toolkit by Gefle Testteknik AB Complete Toolkit for RBS Testing 3GPP Measurements

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  • Quick integration and fast testing through high-level APIs
  • Signal generation for testing the DUT's receiver
  • Analyzer software for transmitter testing
  • Production test measurements built according to the 3GPP standard
  • Easy-to-use soft front panels for lab environments
  • Ability to simply build a program or sequence to run your automated test
  • Download
The GTT LTE RBS Toolkit by Gefle Testteknik AB features LabVIEW VIs to use as a complete set of measurements to verify performance and test all sizes of radio base stations, including soft front panels for easy lab measurements and high-level APIs to get custom sequences running quickly. This complete tool uses the power of NI RF signal analyzer and signal generator hardware such as the NI vector signal transceiver.

You can use the GTT LTE RBS Toolkit with different hardware options to cover different frequency ranges up to 20 GHz. It includes all common measurements as defined by the 3GPP standard like error vector magnitude, transmitter output power, adjacent channel leakage ratio, frequency error, power vs. time, spectral emission mask, and so on. It also includes an uplink signal generation function that enables receiver measurements.

Test CPRI based products by adding the GTT LTE RRU Add-on for the RBS Toolkit which gives you a great starting point for creating a complete test solution for remote radio units and similar products. Contact Gefle Testteknik for information about implementing this in your application.

Recommended NI Hardware and Software information is located on the Resources tab.

Support Information:
This product is supported by the third-party and not by NI. For technical support, contact Gefle Testteknik AB at:

Phone: +46 26 545750

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GTT LTE RBS Toolkit Software
783662-35GTT LTE RBS Toolkit - Gefle Testteknik5 - 10$ 18,250.00
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763068-01Power Cord, 240V, 10A, North American10 - 15$ 21.00
199198-01NI PXI Slot Blocker, Set of 510 - 15$ 72.00
782450-04NI PXIe-8135 Core i7-3610QE 2.3 GHz Controller, Win 7 (64-bit)5 - 10$ 6,526.00
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