LabVIEW Add-Ons: Deploy

NI LabVIEW add-ons extend the development environment with modules and toolkits designed for your application. Add these prepackaged LabVIEW functions and sophisticated tools for developing specific applications to create the best LabVIEW for you.

LabVIEW system design software can run on most common OSs and deploy code to an array of hardware targets. This flexibility means you can choose the most appropriate computing platform, which protects your investment in the code you have developed and the people you have trained. Other tools and languages are often tightly bound to one OS or hardware platform. Putting together systems composed of multiple platforms requires significant training and software investment in multiple tools.

With LabVIEW, your skill set as a developer moves from target to target because you are using the same toolchain and programming paradigm. Deployment add-ons help you deploy to many different targets as well as build executables and run code on real-time and FPGA targets.