myParts Kit by Texas Instruments Basic Components Kit for Circuits & Electronics Projects

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  • Specially curated set of basic electronic components for introductory circuit education laboratories
  • Parts kit to be used for laboratories based on the myDAQ and NI ELVIS platforms
  • 50 components that are the building blocks of electronics courseware
  • Defined by Texas Instruments to be used in colleges and universities
  • Includes devices with NI Multisim simulation models
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The myParts Kit by Texas Instruments is a set of components for circuit education provided by the Texas Instruments University Program. The kit includes the building blocks of electronics laboratories: operational amplifiers, an instrumentation amplifier, a comparator, voltage regulators, switching regulators, digital logic gates, timers, temperature sensors, data converters, and wires.

You can use the myParts Kit to build projects such as inverting and noninverting amplifiers, filters, voltage followers, regulators, signal conditioners, PWM signal generators, integrators, differentiators, light detectors, and data converters.

Kit Components
-Operational amplifiers (TL072CP, TL074CN, LF356N/NOPB, LM741CN/NOPB)
-Data converters (ADS7816P, ADS7822P, TLV5616P)
-Instrumentation amplifier (INA217AIP)
-Comparator (LM311P)
-Regulators (LM317KCT, MC34063AP)
-Logic gates (SN74LS10N, SN74LS00N, SN74LS32N, SN74LS86AN, SN74LS02N, SN74LS08N)
-Inverter (SN74LS04N)
-Dual complementary pair (CD4007UBE)
-Counter (SN74LS163N)
-Flip-flops (SN74LS107AN, SN74LS74AN)
-Multiplexers (SN74LS138N, SN74LS148N, CD4511BE)
-Wiring kit
-Timer (TLC555)
-Frequency-to-voltage converters (LM2917N/NOPB)
-Infrared transistor
-Photocell buzzer
-Audio transformer

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