NI Software Calibration Management Toolkit for LabVIEW

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  • Simplify and optimize programming communications between target and host for large projects
  • Plot/trend capabilities of individual calibration parameters (CalPoints) using memory buffers
  • CalPoint types: SGL, I32, U32, I8, U8, 1D/2D Array, 1D/2D Lookup Table, String, Enumerated U32
  • Fast, efficient CalPoint communication with up to 20 Hz host display update rate
  • Calibration-saving capabilities that save CalPoint values to target as new default startup values
  • Simply download and install the free deployment version with no activation necessary
  • Download
The NI Software Calibration Management (SCM) Toolkit for LabVIEW is a calibration interface toolkit for efficiently communicating and calibrating data parameters (CalPoints) between a LabVIEW Real-Time target and a Windows host via Ethernet. It provides a user-friendly implementation for real-time target programming and an interface console for pairing real-time target parameters to a LabVIEW Windows host VI.

You can choose from two SCM Toolkit licenses: development and deployment. Both licenses offer the SCM console in Windows to run the host user interface VI and save and manage calibrations to the target. The free deployment license is useful for customers who commission several deployed targets with fixed precompiled applications and just need to provide an operator with a user interface to the target system. Simply download and install the software to use the deployment version (no activation needed). The development license, which must be purchased, also offers LabVIEW programmers the ability to modify CalPoints in the target program using the CalPoint palette within the target application block diagram.

Though the SCM Toolkit was designed with automotive engine control applications in mind, it is a generic toolkit for developing remote target applications with built-in parameter calibration, calibration file management, and transparent parameter communication between the target and the Windows host user interface VI. The SCM Toolkit has a low impact on target real-time loop performance.

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